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Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun Episode #06 Anime Review | Fandom Post

A new character enters the fray, to offer Nozaki a new model for a side character in his manga.

What They Say:
Sixth Issue: “I’ll Cast A Spell On You”

The Review:
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This episode starts off with Yuzuki Seo front and center, as Chiyo brings some of her recorded singing to play in the background while they work at his apartment. The voice is indeed beautiful, but once he finds out it’s Seo…his reaction is quite different. “Lorelei” she is, named after a mythical witch whose beautiful singing lead sailors to their deaths. The next day at basketball practice, Nozaki happens to see her playing with the boy’s basketball team. As usual causing havoc in her usual manner. But while there, he comes across his former middle school teammate Wakamatsu. Apparently, Nozaki (who is very tall) was a starter on their middle school team, but he quit in high school in order to protect his hand.

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