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JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure author does Ice Bucket Challenge

Luke Halliday of SnapThirty writes:

In a bizarre turn of events, Hirohiko Araki the author of the epic shonen manga JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure has participated in the charity challenge craze that has swept the globe, the Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS Research.

ALS is of course Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis which is also known as Motor Neurone Disease. Many celebrities have participated in the Ice Bucket Challenge which involves having a bucket of Ice Water dumped on your head after you donate to the ALS research charity.

In Araki’s Ice Bucket Challenge attempt, he is seen taking one of his daily glamour walks through an undisclosed forest, before having a bucket of Ice Water dumped on his head from the heavens above. Check it out below.

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F-Inglese-941398d ago

He finally surfaces...just to get freezing water poured on him...

Snapodile1398d ago

Get back to writing JoJo, Araki!