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Silly antics involving a doting mother looking in on her daughters can’t cover for the imbalance in the second half of this installment.

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Episode 8: “Her Name Is”

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Irisviel decides to peek in on Illya at school, dragging Rin and Luvia along as her guides (though it’s not their school and Luvia didn’t really have to be dragged into it, since she thinks impressing the stepmother might improve her odds with “Shero”). Kuro notices that they are there, though Illya is completely oblivious. After the little observation mission is over, Irisviel asks the girls to leave Kuro and Illya alone for a while, saying that everything will be alright. While they have some reservations, there is nothing they can do. But that doesn’t mean that the Mage’s Association will not make a move of their own. Or some other player.

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