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Naruto the Movie: The Last New Characters Revealed

Naruto the movie: The Last, latest news are here and according to the latest news Gaara, Temari, Lee, Tenten and Choji will be there in the movie and they have all grown up. This news comes from the upcoming issue of Weekly Shonen Jump which shows the character designs for these characters drawn by Masashi Kishimoto.

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GLG-Gaming1364d ago

Its sad to see Naruto slowly come to an end, but I am very excited to see this movie when it is released.

megatron007331364d ago

Same here. I was really disappointed when i saw the latest chapter.

GLG-Gaming1364d ago

In my opinion, the fight was drawn out, but it still brought up some feelings that the end is near. Hopefully we will have a nice amount of new chapters to tie up loose ends and more information. We barely knew anything about Kagura in terms of her history and stuff. That is weird for such a large character.

megatron007331364d ago

I just wish there would be a new Naruto anime series.

kamper1364d ago

Sasuke must pay for his crimes

Lord_Sloth1363d ago

I'd say saving the planet earns him a free pass.

dark_sora1363d ago (Edited 1363d ago )

What crimes?, sorry for disagreeing with you, but Sasuke hasn't killed anyone who didn't deserve to die or commit a crime for that matter. He kill Orochimaru and Hanzo I'll give you that, but come on those two deserve what happened to them and you know it.