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Yammering About Yokai – The Tengu And Its Pop Culture Influences [SnapThirty]

Frank Inglese writes:

In my opinion, there’s nothing more influential to Japanese Pop Culture than that of the country’s rich, folkloric past. While Western productions seem to have a tight grasp on more European myths and legends, Anime, Manga and Japanese-made video games are obviously more in tune with their own mythological history. When thinking back on mythology, a great deal of focus tends to lie in that of the Greeks and the Egyptians but I believe the most interesting folkloric people to be the Japanese.

It is here I say “goodbye” to video games like ‘God Of War’, movies like ‘The Mummy’ and TV shows like ‘The Walking Dead’ to instead focus my time on the most influential and interesting mythos world history has to offer. Yokai are supernatural apparitions or creatures and usually the focus of stories passed down through history. They appear in many different forms and usually come with their very own specific supernatural powers of which the people within those stories are deathly afraid of. One of the more powerful Yokai, a being that has changed over time to be more like a guardian than a nuisance, is the Tengu; the focus of this ‘Yammering About Yokai’.

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futurefrog1326d ago

I love tengu but tanuki is the real hero