Fourth Scout Finally Arrives in Sailor Moon Crystal ep. 5 [KKEnt]

Kuma wrote: This bi-weekly thing is killer because the anticipation for the next episode has me at the edge of my seat at times, but that is good thing. It shows that an anime is doing something good and the pacing of it is just right, but how many of you almost gave up on love? Yes, you see how I turned that around? Well love is a powerful emotion that can bring great strength or destroy your entire existence. It takes a lot of courage to go up to someone and actually express how you feel, but you also need strength in their answer. Makoto Kino is the new character introduced in Sailor Moon Crystal and as most will know she has a tough exterior, but her interior holds a cherished heart.

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DivineHand1251383d ago

I really want to start watching this series but the release schedule is ridiculous. I'll marathon it when Its finished airing hopefully before the end of next year.

SavageKuma1383d ago

That is understandable. I do enjoy the bi-weekly release. Gives a nice pace to the series.

JD_Shadow1383d ago

This is probably one of the best episodes yet. Outside of Pluto (who is just REALLY FREAKIN' HOT), Makoto is one of my favs because of her kick ass persona while humanizing her. She has quite a sad story (and something else which I hope Crystal touches on more in the coming weeks).

One thing that I think I should point out is that they could be working on that twist to this version that I thought would happen (and that you hoped would take place): it seems like they are working on possible Dark Kingdom Kings/Sailor romances from the past that the manga didn't go much into, if at all. Seems like they will go from that angle (some fans are thinking, and hoping, they will go with that, and it seems possible now that they are keeping at least Jadeite and Nephrite alive so far when, by now, if playing the manga straight, they should be dead right now).

SavageKuma1382d ago

I do hope so, but yes I do agree this was the better episodes.