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Rail Wars! Episode #10 Anime Review | Fandom Post

A Prince. A Train. A simple overnight trip to Sapporo. What could go wrong?

What They Say:
Episode 10: “Will You Keep This a Secret?”

The Review:
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Over the course of this season, this show (and presumably the light novels that the stories originate from) has danced along the line of “plausibility” many times, as one story edges slightly on the side of verisimilitude, while another goes way off into the land of juvenile fantasy. On balance, of course, it’s mainly been fantasy. This new, at least two-part arc is most certainly far on the fantasy side of the line. A foreign prince from a made-up European country on the Mediterranean coast called Atella, comes to Japan for some sort of summit meeting. Prince Bernina looks like a young boy, though perhaps he could be around the same age as our trainee foursome and is just on the slight of build side.

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