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Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 5 | The Glorio Blog

The Glorio Blog: " After the the somewhat off topic episode we had last time round, Sailor Moon Crystal returns to the core thrust of its story here, namely recruiting more Sailor Guardians. I’m pretty happy with that, as I’ll admit Makoto/Jupiter is my favourite character out of all the myriad cast. The original version of the character was an intriguing blend of tomboy toughness and more traditionally feminine qualities, and thankfully most of that appears to have been carried over here. It’s always a mix I’ve really liked, because it breaks out of the traditional stereotyping that any female character with male qualities must be short haired, angry and mannish. Instead, Makoto’s a remarkably progressive take on the idea – it’s possible to be big, physically and tough and fighty, but also be into dresses, true love and all that jazz.It’s almost as if – gasp – you can’t pigeonhole people into easily defined boxes. More stuff like this please anime."

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