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Tokyo Ghoul Episode 12 Review - Welcome to the Dark Side, Kaneki | GaminRealm

Compared to the few episodes of Tokyo Ghoul that have been released recently, with all the pacing and story telling, I was pretty worried about this last episode. But it was amazing. Remember episode one, where we get to see all the horrific details and the emotional turmoil that Kaneki endures while turning into a ghoul? Well, this episode brings back those terrifying themes, and it delivers wonderfully.

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DEATHxTHExKIDx1340d ago

Kaneki spirals toward insanity even more in the manga. Overall It was a decent adaptation shoving 80 chapters into 12eps. I would buy the anime and the manga when they both come stateside. I have mad feels for Kaneki. Tokyo Ghoul is such a tragic story.

Sekijitsu1340d ago

Hated the way it ended but I gotta admit, that was one badass fight.

MarquiseGT1339d ago

Can't wait to watch it !