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The Heavens Fall | Aldnoah.Zero, A Review... from thereforeitis

On Earth, Princess Asseylum Ver Allusia of the Martian Vers Empire, on Earth to conduct a peace mission between her Vers and the Terran United Earth (U.E.), is assassinated by the U.E. Indignant, the Versian Orbital Knights, a collection of 37 vassals that have sworn fealty and have, in turn, been given legitimacy and power, have declared war. With their huge orbital fortresses, or “Landing Castles” and mecha unit “Kataphracts,” they have sworn by their honor and civility to seek retribution for their slain royal by crushing all U.E. forces, wiping out all Terrans, and occupying Earth in her name…

…or so the propaganda goes. Setting aside the hypocrisy, Asseylum is revealed to be very much alive (a double was murdered in her place), and treachery festers within certain clans of the Orbital Knights, with the other clans ignorant of that fact jumping on the chance to exercise their duties, hatreds, and sadistic tendencies. A midst this hypocrisy and treachery surrounding and threatening Asseylum is Inaho Kaizuka, an emotionally muted but gifted tactical military school prodigy working for the U.E, and Slaine Troyard, an emotionally expressive vassal ostensibly faithful to the Vers Empire, but loyal only to Asseylum. The story follows these and other characters as Asseylum, with Inaho’s help, attempts to obtain contact with the Vers Empire to end the war, and Slaine attempts to protect and rejoin Asseylum...

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