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Bakemonogatari – Box Set Review (Blu-Ray) [SnapThirty]

Frank Inglese writes:

Not everything is how it seems. I now realize that as an open-minded twenty year old: Life isn’t just what you can see. There are layers upon layers of human thought that can be sifted through and explored in and of yourself that, as a young man, I refused to do. I instead took everything at face value and, in all honesty; it was a boring way to live. I now like to imagine that all things are possible, both the physical and metaphysical. Why believe in one deity when you can believe in them all? Why only try to understand one system of belief when you can try to understand many? Ghosts are real. Aliens are real. Monsters are real. Creatures are real. I cannot prove this and, to be blunt, I’m not even sure I entirely believe this BUT wouldn’t it be awesome if I was right?

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