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Hunter x Hunter Episode 148 and Final Thoughts | The Glorio Blog

The Glorio Blog: "Before jumping into my thoughts on the series as a whole, let’s start with the final animated arc. I’m sure that Madhouse were very happy to see that just before the series went back on hiatus after the beginning of the anime, Togashi had concluded this arc perfectly. That’s right, all of the scenes we see in the final episode, including that creepy one of Meruem and Komugi, were genuinely in the final chapter of that arc. A bit suspicious that he would put it back on hiatus a single chapter after that, but hey, I’m not here to judge! For the episode at hand, and the finale of an emotional, three-year animated journey, it couldn’t have been better written. Killua is happy showing his sister around the world she was locked away from, and Gon finally gets to meet with Ging. Seeing the two of them lose track of time atop the World Tree was extremely satisfying, and just what Gon needed after surviving hellish trials just to meet the guy. I’m not talking about climbing the tree of course, I’m talking about the 99 scenarios in which Gon could have died looking for a chance to meet with what might be his only biological parent."

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