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Mushishi: The Next Chapter Episode 13 - Animenewsnetwork

Animenewsnetwork - This week, Mushi-Shi tries its hand at something it's never tried before: humor! Well, that's not entirely true. There have been lighthearted points in the series' storied run, mostly thanks to the uptight, bumbling mushi collector Adashino, but comedy is not usually a tone familiar to this show. Still, this episode finds Ginko carrying a spunky old lady through the woods to her slightly crabby old husband, in a village almost entirely composed of silly old people. Of course, they weren't always silly and old. All these people were once silly and young, which is where Mushi-Shi's trademark "thoughtful creepiness" comes back into the story to create a simple, bittersweet episode around the theme of "old age as a second childhood."

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