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New Digimon Anime’s Full Team Previewed in Silhouette!

The official website of Digimon Adventures sequel has revealed the silhouette of the entire Digimon team from the first season. The speculated characters, from left to right, include: Joe Kido, Izzy Izumi, Kari Kamiya, Tai Kamiya, Matt Ishida, Sora Takenouchi, TK Takaishi, and Mimi Tachikawa. There are not much details revealed yet, but the website has the following information.

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GenericNameHere1257d ago

New Digimon and Naruto Part 3 next year! Yes! :D

hkgamer1257d ago

You actually excited about part 3(?). The mini series sounds boring, but I guess it won't be as bad as the last few chapters

hkgamer1257d ago

Cool. Thought that looked like the original crew