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8 Anime That We Kind Of Regret Watching

GoBoiano: "WOAH! Alright. We know this is going to be a controversial list. We know some of you are going to disagree and get mad. Please understand that it's okay for all anime fans to like what they like, and to dislike what they dislike. Difference of opinion is what makes the world go around! All this being said, I finally needed to make this list because I've been haunted. Haunted by these anime that I tried watching with the most open of minds and the most eager of hearts. These are shows I wanted to like, but at the end of the day, I couldn't. If you like these shows, hey, that's great! More power too you! We still love you if you disagree with this list. We hope you'll still love us. Here's 8 anime I kind of regret watching."

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TXIDarkAvenger1285d ago

Haven't seen Inuyasha in a long time. Wonder if its actually as bad or not as good as people say.

andrewer1285d ago

I freaking love InuYasha :D Didn't know some people hate it so badly...

Travis37081281d ago

Inuyasha is an amazing anime!! I can't believe some people hate it!

Marow1285d ago

The use of "We" when it's clearly an individual text piece has always bothered me. As for the list, well, it's a list! Subjective opinions are good.

Probem is that the list is really shallow. And in the case of K-ON, it feels as if it's a throwaway spot.

"Look, I'm not saying all of K-On! was bad. The first season, clocking in at a reasonable 13 episodes, is a fairly decent show about cute girls doing cute things. What we didn't need was the follow up 24 episode season of more of exactly the same. It was just too much."

This is exactly the generic response you would get when K-ON was new. There is no arguments or anything. This goes for all the list placings and makes me question whether the author actually watched all the anime or only took a few safe choices. In fact, the list itself doesn't make any sense at all!

"Anime we regret watching"

Alright, so whatever does this mean? That it was bad? A sequel that didn't add anything of worth? Good question as it's not defined in the opening paragraph or for each entry. Just look at this text on Ponyo:

"Oh no! What's a Miyazaki movie doing on this list? That's blasphemy! Honestly, even people who do like Ponyo tend to agree it's Hayao Miyazaki's worst effort. At its best, it's a cute film with some very nice animation, but compared to masterpieces like Princess Mononoke, Castle In The Sky, and even the recent The Wind Rises, Ponyo is a complete and utter mess. It doesn't flow, and it doesn't make much sense. Plus, what kind of father gives his young daughter away for no discernable reason?"

So it's... Miyazaki's worst movie. Alright, fine. But is it a bad movie? Or why is it even on this list? There are no reasons!

GoBoiano needs do stop with this flooding of lists and start writing proper texts.