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Shirobako Episode #07 Anime Review | Fandom Post

Work continues on Exodus, but the departure of a staffer results in the workload being spread around.

What They Say:
Episode 7: “Retake With Cats”

The Review:
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It appears that Aoi’s older sister is going to suddenly pop in, taking Aoi by surprise. That’s not the only surprise for Aoi, and the staff, as Ochiai finally lets the cat out of the bag: he’s leaving Musani, though he doesn’t give the real reason (not that it’s a secret from most of the staff, who know he’s headed to Studio Canaan). Of course, this means more work for the other production assistants and something of an opportunity–and a trial by fire–for Aoi, as she’s now going to be in charge of shepherding episode thirteen of Exodus, the final episode.

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