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Ninja Scroll (Remastered) – Review [SnapThirty]

Frank Inglese writes:

Imagine a fifteen year old Frank Inglese walking into a local film retailer and seeing “Ninja Scroll” for the very first time. Back then I had an unjustified love for everything Ninja; I was into “Naruto”, I had just watched “Basilisk” and I was looking for just about anything Shinobi-related to indulge in but I couldn’t get my hands on this film.

It was, and in fact still is, rated a hefty R18+ and I couldn’t find a single person to do me a solid and purchase this film for me. A little while later, on a school night, I received a text message from a friend alerting me to the fact that “Ninja Scroll” was being played on late night television.

As you may have already guessed; I stayed up very late to finish what I immediately thought was one of the greatest Ninja movies of all time. It’s been about five years since then and it’s been just over twenty years since the movie was first developed and released. Now we’re in 2014; the age of low attention spans and those who are almost always too quick to complain. To re-release “Ninja Scroll” now would be lunacy, some people may say. I’m here to explain why that’s not the case. In fact, I think maybe “Ninja Scroll” has come at a perfect time.

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