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Chaika – Avenging Battle Episode #08 Anime Review | Fandom Post

Forget walking into a trap, let’s fight our way in!

What They Say:
Episode #8: “The Bells of Contention”

The Review
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We rejoin the death games, already in progress. Yes, the gang is still competing to reach the inner castle to get the final remains from Hartgen. At this point I’d like to note the fact that the Chaika light novels are not finished yet, and we’re on episode eight of what is likely a twelve episode season. I’m not certain if we’re going to get a cliffhanger ending to this series or a anime only ending, so my confidence on where this could all lead is starting to fail. Maybe they are stalling for time trying to stretch out what they have, although this series has already been condensing events from what I understand.

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