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Digimon Adventure 3 gets official name, key production staff and character designs revealed

New information has come in about the upcoming Digimon Adventure 3, now given its official name "Digimon Adventure tri." The anime's key production staff has been revealed, including individuals who've worked on Heaven's Lost Property and Jormungand, and a new visual has been released finally showing the new character designs.

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DEATHxTHExKIDx1282d ago

I need to see it in action. It's OK so far

Hergula1282d ago

It is looking okay so far, but I'm still on the edge over the new animation style, it will either make or break the new season.

cemelc1282d ago

Whats wrong with it?

The impotant thing here is the characters.

Myst-Vearn1282d ago

it looks like some generic slice of life anime. this ain't Digimon...

Hergula1282d ago

I mean of course, the story and characters are more important, but the animation style may make or break it, which is a fact. Digimon is known for its colorful style and animation, so if they change that, it will either be great or terrible.

cemelc1281d ago


Dude i was at school when the first digimon aired on tv, its been what...ten years?

A more serious take (slice of life) is pretty good for old fans of the original anime. But just to be clear, this will be shounen, so dont worry much about it.


I agree, but that could be said about any anime really.

Aside that screen looks a bit like fate and if thats the case then there is money backing this show.

I cant judge on a screen,but that image seems nice to me.

andrewer1282d ago

The characters' design made me remember of Tsuritama...
Anyway can't wait for a trailer to see what will happen to one of my favorite anime of all time :D

PizzaSteve1281d ago

The 1st season still the best.

Marow1281d ago

Oh, it's the same guy who did the designs for Tsuritama and Cencoroll. That's cool.