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‘Mononoke’ Anime Begins Crunchyroll Digital Distribution

While there’s been some hesitation on various home video releasing companies to bring their shows out in streaming form, seeing it as competition, that continues to be softening up in general. We’ve seen Cinedigm bringing out some of their stuff before for Hulu, but now they’re making an inroad with Crunchyroll as well. They’ve now brought over the series Mononoke to have it streamed there. The twelve episode series has been added in full, which was released on DVD earlier last summer for the first time in North America. The show is definitely non-stanadrd in terms of its design but it completely fitst the tale being told and the style of it all. It’s being released in SD, 480p and 720p for audiences that are premium members. Free members will be able to see it beginning April 11th, 2015.

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