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Maria the Virgin Witch Episodes 1-2 - Animenewsnetwork

Animenewsnetwork - In this alternate version of the Hundred Years' War – a medieval conflict between various forces over the right to govern France – witches control the battlefield. Most are war profiteers, using their magic and feminine wiles to aid whichever side pays most, but one young witch, Maria, has loftier aspirations. You see, she hates war, and her unique (amongst witches) status as a virgin gives her enough clout with the Catholic Church to watch over her local village unimpeded. However, when villagers start getting drafted, she begins interfering with battles, forcing both sides to disperse unharmed as she summons legendary creatures. This gets her into some hot water with both earthly and heavenly arbiters, which challenges her naiveté and forces her to reassess the values she holds dear.

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