The Creator of ‘8 Man’ & ‘Genma Wars’ Kazumasa Hirai Passes Away at 76

The Hergula: While many modern-day manga/anime fans might not know about this individual, let me tell you right now, it is important that you do, as he is considered one of the most noteworthy people in the world of manga. Kazumasa Hirai was well-respected in his field of work as a writer, known largely for his classic sci-fi superhero manga by the name of 8 Man, released in 1963. It was a sensational manga at the time, one that enabled Hirai to write more and more. Not only that, Kazumasa Hirai also has his name attached to Genma Wars (Genma Taisen) as the writer of the manga. He wrote a number of novels as well, such as Tiger of Megalopolis, Zombie Hunter, Abduction series, 21st Century 8 Man and the Wolf Guy series.

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