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Best 5 of the Cutest Relationships in Anime

Most anime have some sort of relationship factor to the stories they hold, but these are the ones that just really stuck out and pulled on my heart strings. Especially when it comes to the romance category of anime, I’m a hard customer, so these are the relationships that legitimately made me go “awwwww.”

1. Kazuto Kirigaya ♥ Asuna Yuuki – Sword Art Online
2. Kousei Arima ♥ Kaori Miyazono
3. ...

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Fonzy1203d ago

Sword Art Online had one of the cutest! I really liked it!

honeys-anime1202d ago

Yes! But I & Kirito love Shinon too XDD

andrewer1202d ago

Kimi ni Todoke wins for me (Kazehaya Shouta and Kuronuma Sawako), although it's a shoujo, and I rarely see a shoujo anime in romance related rankings in here...

honeys-anime1202d ago

Yes, what shoujo animes show us mainly is Sweet Romance, so I think we've often overlooked picking up shoujo animes in ranking like this.
Souta and Sawako relationship is especially sweet.

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