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Top 5 Female Anime Characters | Thisvthattv

There several female characters that are either walking embodiments of fanservice, don’t have much development, or stick to one incredibly overused archetype. So it’s always refreshing to see female characters who have something different to offer to a series. Whether that is with great development, not falling into typical trends, or just being really entertaining to watch. This is my list of top 5 female anime characters.

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DivineHand1251196d ago (Edited 1196d ago )

This is a great list. Though I dear say I didn't enjoy the Melancholy of Hazuhi Suzumiya. I thought it was boring and that was back when my standards for anime was low. Dropped it after a couple episodes and never regretted it.
Also some other great females in anime that many people often overlook.

Kouyama Mitsuk from Full Moon wo Sagashite. Brave little girl that found the courage to pursue her dream of becoming a singer even with her imminent death around the corner.

Nakajima Youko from The Twelve Kingdoms. Timid high school girl that developed throughout the series into a charismatic woman that someday led a nation.

Maya Kitajima from Glass Mask. The drive this girl had for her dream even though she had allot of unknown enemies and tragedies in her life is enough to inspire us all.