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Movie Review: Princess Mononoke (Takuchat)

"It’s probably been a decade since I last watched director Hayao Miyazaki’s classic, but the film’s at-long-last release on Blu-ray is more than enough excuse to revisit this grand story. Set in a Japan taking its first violent, polluted, and uncertain steps toward industry, Princess Mononoke is a complex and ambitious story of humans, beasts, and nature that avoids easy answers and straightforward moral dichotomies, making it an important milestone in animation history."

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KingKelloggTheWH1223d ago

I love this movie, and now I want to rewatch it.

LightDiego1222d ago

Studio Ghibli movies are all great.

blackblades1222d ago

My 1st fav anime movie. Remember watching like 10 time on TV back in the day and my 1st anime dvd. It got dethrone by summerwars but still one of my faves.