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Top 5 Anime That Deserve More Episodes | Thisvthattv

The other day I was glancing through the articles on this and I ran into a list of Top 5 Anime That Deserve More Episodes. After reading that article, I realized that there are many more anime that have seemingly dropped off of the face of the earth, and decided to make my own list. Here is my top 5 anime that deserve more episodes.

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cemelc1164d ago

I agree with this list, except for school rumble.

Its not a bad anime in any way, but i read the manga for a while and its not going anywhere

andrewer1164d ago

I need more Bleach, Berserk and Angel Beats.

SarcasticDuck1164d ago

HOTD will not happen cuz the manga itself stopped. I think KHR, Deadman Wonderland and SnK should continue (yeah, Bleach is almost confirmed to replace Naruto when this ends (thing that wont happen so soon with all this fillers))

CLOUD19831164d ago

Not even close... do you know from what anime we need more episodes because they never adapt even 1/5 of it's source material?

Guin Saga


Twelve Kingdoms

Also we need more


Baka-akaB1164d ago

Add in a few stuff like Legend of legendary heroes , and we're in agreement

CLOUD19831164d ago

Agree this one also! I want more Legend of Legendary Heroes also I like it very much & no news yet for a 2nd season :(

Gezmoyassine1164d ago

Rosario+Vampire (the anime)deserves to get a 3rd season..I want it sooo bad! and they should keep the same art style and pick up where it left off...Some of you will say "NOT GONNA HAPPEN"because it bombed...Well i've been digging around and i found out that it actually made money for Gonzo... if you scroll down to Financial issues you will read "Since this deficit, Gonzo has started to post better earnings due to the release of titles such as Rosario Vampire to Western online streaming websites such as Netflix" Just make it happen already Gonzo!

Baka-akaB1164d ago (Edited 1164d ago )

Except it's better earnings via a serie of releases , among wich there is Rosario . The serie itself still bombed in japan and still almost killed Gonzo .

A few netflix revenus wont be enough . when an anime gets licensed ,the most money the licensor sees is the license fee. Without japanese success you can kiss goodbye bigger and most merchandise revenues , dvd bluray sales .

And quite frankly , even if not really a fan , having read quite a bit of it , with all the stuff added to the manga, there's no way they could repair the anime's storyline with just another season .

It would require some remake of the whole like FMA brotherhood , or Hunter X Hunter . And it's clearly not in the same league or feasible . Or requires creating a whole season of original content

Gezmoyassine1163d ago (Edited 1163d ago )

As much as i hate to admit it but you are right and i can't disagree with you but at least they managed to make some money back Right?!...Still that series means A LOT to me and i can't stop hoping (or dream) for a 3rd season.One that picks up right where they left off and keep the same art style but they can fix what people didn't like about it.What i like about the anime is that they gave us a slightly different version from the manga which isn't necessarily a bad thing.It's like having two different versions of an amazing series! They could introduce other characters like AKUA,KAHULA not to mention the most important and coolest part.Showing us what going to happen with Tsukune! And they could give it a darker tone this time around.(of course i read the manga so i know what will happen)but it would be nice to see the anime version of all that even if it's slightly different than the manga...IT alsowould be cool if they show in some way AKASHA BLOODRIVER!!! Seriously this series Rock Hard!

Baka-akaB1163d ago (Edited 1163d ago )

Feel free to hope . But the fact alone that the serie went off in its own misery and lala storywise , and is mostly disliked by even Rosario manga fans kills off any chance .

And it wasnt a "slight" variation . The first season already veered into uncharted territory , but the second went off the deep end and can't be reconcilied with the manga .

Such is the fate of series that are adapted far too soon and instead of going for a hiatus , invent whatever crap the studio can too leech off money from it .

Something like Berserk or Hunter X Hunter are masterpieces , and manga consistently in the all time top 50 best selling mangas ... and successful enough anime franchises that can support and warrant getting rebooted tv series or movies to get it right a second time . Rosario ? Nah not with the way it performed ...