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‘One Piece’ Anime Being Considered For Broadcast Dub Initiative

With a lot of shows being brought out now as part of the Broadcast Dub initiative from FUNimation by doing dubs as close to simulcast as possible for several key and popular shows, the question about One Piece being a part of it came up recently. With a chat with the folks at the One Piece Podcast, FUNimation brand manager for the property, Josh Kocurek, talked about the fact that they are considering it and are looking for feedback for it. With the series currently working the dubs in the 350 episode range and intent on doing everything as time goes on, it would certainly be jarring for some to start watching the present day episodes dubbed without all that back story since we’re closing in on episode 700.

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DEATHxTHExKIDx1183d ago

That's kool. Sadly I dont keep up with the One Piece anime anymore. A combination of filler, slow pacing, and idk if I rlly wanna keep up with long running series anime wise anyway.