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The Outerhaven - Sailor Moon Season 1 Part 2 Review! Should You Purchase?

The Outerhaven writes:

Part of the global reboot of Sailor Moon, Viz Media has been releasing Sailor Moon as dvds and blu-rays with a new, English dub that more closely follows the original Japanese ADV release. If you’re from America, this is the first time you get the chance to own Season 1 uncut and in English. Originally, Sailor Moon was released by ADV(Japanese edition with English sub) and DiC (eviscerated English dub). Moonies who are only familiar with the DiC release may not feel at home with this new English dub since the DiC background music and Sailor Moon theme are absent and replaced by the original Japanese sound track. Reviews from Amazon seem to indicate that many Sailor Moon fans expected this to be a re-release of the original, botched English dub that they grew up with. Please be aware that this English dub is more true to the version of Sailor Moon that aired in Japan. Instead of being critical, fans need to embrace this new dvd set with the understanding that they will be watching...

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