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Spring 2015 Anime Season Preview and Expectations

Guy from Geekorner-Geekulture discusses which shows he's interested in, or /not/ interested in from the upcoming season, and more importantly - why, to help you make your own decisions!

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Thunder_God1133d ago

This is a really promising season, slice of life by KyoAni, RomComs, be they shoujo or shounen, a fantasy epic (Arslan Senki), a bona fide sci-fi story (Plastic Memories), and an endless assortment of shounen action series, as well as some high profile continuations (Nanoha, OreGairu, Nisekoi, UBW).

This season has something for everyone, and it seems like /promising/ stuff for everyone.

What are you people looking forward to?

cemelc1133d ago

Im looking forward to:

Fate/Stay Night
Blood Blockade Battlefront
Arslan Senki
Sidonia no Kishi

Thunder_God1133d ago

Curious, why did you pick up BBB and not any of the other shounens on that day?

cemelc1132d ago

Saw the trailer seemed decent.

Aside what else is there? the teacher show is not my taste, Kyoukai no Rinne saw the manga didnt like it.

Thunder_God1132d ago

And Owari no Seraph as well.

cemelc1130d ago


Dont know what that is, but ill check it out if i can

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