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Outbreak Company Review | Thisvthattv

Comedy is, usually, a hit or miss genre for many people. Since there are several different styles of comedy, and several different opinions on exactly which style is the most humorous. Comedy in anime, from what I’ve experienced, usually falls into one of three styles: The slapstick style of comedy, where the humor comes from the clumsy and or stupid decisions and actions made by the characters, the more sarcastic and witty style of comedy, where the humor comes from the characters wit and sharp tongues, and will probably feature a decent amount sarcasm, and, finally, the parody style of comedy, which derives its humor from the many references it makes. Usually, those references refer to other anime. Outbreak Company uses the parody style of comedy, a style of comedy that I can’t say I’ve ever been the biggest fan of. Was Outbreak Company’s comedy spot on, or did it just miss the mark?

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