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Kamisama Kiss 2 Episode 11 - Animenewsnetwork

Animenewsnetwork - Is Akura-oh so evil that he'll sacrifice anything to achieve his goal of getting his original body back—or has inhabiting Kirihito made the demon more human? The first segment of this week's episode has the answer. Back after a three-week absence, Kirihito ventures into the Netherworld through a stone mirror in his home. Yatori, fresh from his exploits on Mount Kurama, tags along to reveal a little more of his strength and connection to Akura-oh. They get closer than Kirihito ever has to reaching Akura-oh's body, only to be forced to retreat. Once they return, Kirihito faces a tough choice: destroy his best chance of getting back to the Netherworld, or doom his human family to certain death.

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