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Top10 Adventure Anime Recommendations

If there is one genre in the anime world that is a part of almost every anime ever released, it’s adventure. The adventure genre paves way for many other genres linking in, to create a huge variety of experiences and visuals. Adventure anime also has a great perception of what it would be like to travel the world and discover new areas or lands that have never been seen before.

Or, just plain ole being a wondering man, or woman. Illustrators in anime definitely have a talent conveying their imagination in the form of animation, which is the essential reason I love anime.

So, get ready to discover anime in the most adventurous approach. Here are the Top 10 Adventure Anime!


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Stringerbell1172d ago

No Naruto?!?! Blasphamey =p Just joking, this is a good list.

honeys-anime1171d ago

Thank you.
In case of Naruto, not Blasphemy but 天誅(Tenchuu) =p

Yes, there are many adventure anime. Especially watching episodes of Jojo airing now, we can enjoy feeling like adventure with characters.

DivineHand1251171d ago

Only anime on the list I liked were one piece and hunter x hunter