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Kill La Kill Volume 3 (BD) Review

"We’re starting to move along in the Kill La Kill story with this particular volume of Kill La Kill. If you haven’t heard of this series, it’s a story that follows the fighting delinquent Ryuuko as she hunts down the person that murdered her father. To do this, she wears a living school uniform, called a Kamui, named Senketsu. At this point in the story, Ryuuko has moved to a different school, Honouji Academy, and has taken on the various clubs in combat and has finally reached the Elite Four of the school. This Elite Four serve the Studnet Council chair-woman, Lady Satsuki, who has acted as the series’ antagonist so far. The series was put together by Trigger Inc. and released here in Australia by Madman Entertainment. Make sure to check out the first and second volume before jumping in here." - Attack On Gaming

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