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Boruto: Naruto the Movie Trailer, Manga Begins Next Issue

The story of the next generation starts next week.

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tayz917d ago

Naruto is back and life is great once again!

Yi-Long916d ago

I love Naruto, but this just seems completely stupid.

I'm not opposed to a 'sequel' in the same universe, where Naruto is older and a new generation comes through the ranks, but this is basically just a young Naruto-clone, including the same voice-actor, and that's just extremely lazy, cheap, etc etc.

It actually diminishes everything that has come before, sadly.

I wish Kishimoto would have come up with a more original main character, especially because he's an excellent writer when it comes to very diverse characters, and if that wasn't possible, he should have gone for a completely original idea instead.

Sashamaz915d ago

I wanted to see Konohamaru develop into some legend him and his team, it felt like it was being set up to be something interesting.

mt915d ago

naruto now is just a cash cow, and needs to be milked to death. I used to love naruto so much now I feel sorry for naruto.

Gasian915d ago

it is not the same voice actor for bolt. Bolts is different but other than that I agree. At least we can try to enjoy it. Can't wait to see what kishi does after he is done with the mini series.

pompombrum916d ago

Honestly, such an awesome setting with great characters with so many potentially awesome directions they could have taken it but instead they focus on what essentially appears to be the second coming of Naruto.. In before some new variation of rasengan as his special move.

ZombieGamerMan916d ago

So we're Dragon Balling this now huh? Ok guess it's happening also we might finally get what we have always wanted to see in the Naruto series, Naruto hooking up with Sasuke in form of their kids, Boruto x Sarada make it so

hkgamer916d ago

it was announced when the manga finished that they would do a mini series

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