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In the world of Gintama, mnemonics have evolved way beyond the standard "My Very Educated Mother Just Served Us Nachos," thanks to Seita convincing Gintoki to be his new tutor. (At the very least, he doesn't throw kunai at the child's head, as Tsukuyo did when she was in charge of his education.) Unfortunately for the typical Western viewer, you'll need to possess a solid understanding of Japanese language and history to truly appreciate many of the jokes in this segment. Even if you consider your knowledge of either subject above rudimentary, these gags go by fast. Hold your cursor over the pause button during a second viewing if you want a better idea of why the bizarre mnemonics Gintoki comes up with to help Seita memorize important dates in Japanese history sort of work. Luckily, the absurdity itself carries the segment, as Gintoki tries to get Seita interested in history by totally making it up as he goes along. Who knew armor-clad gorillas and microwaved sandals played such an integral role in shaping the country?

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