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Dragonball Super: What Bothers Me

I'm a bit more of an optimist, so this is kind of new territory, but there's something about the information given about the upcoming Dragonball series that irks me, and I gotta let this out.

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KryptoniteTail1137d ago

What a poorly written piece. The writer is free to his opinions but stupid things like "but that's so...Dragonball" bug the hell out of me. Plus it is TWO WORDS, Dragon and Ball, not Dragonball.

Anyway, I agree to an extent. Saiyans shouldn't hog the spotlight, and the old cast needs a power boost to hang (not necessarily surpass Saiyans, maybe shortly but not entirely). New characters like Vegeta and Trunks are too few so a couple more are welcome, but don't saturate the show with new faces. Stick to what works, reintroduce Power Level readings, and just make it organic.

Also, let us have a damn RPG for once in a billuon years not just crap Tenkaichi titles.

TysonJones1137d ago

Ya know, you're right. I've always gone by how it's stylized on the show when I write out "Dragonball," but you're right. It's two words. My mistake, but thank you for pointing that out.

That aside, I'm curious why you thought the piece was "poorly written." Obviously you understood what I meant. The problem I have isn't solely a DB issue, but one that DB, in my opinion, is failing to address after a long time.

Likewise, I don't think reintroducing Power Levels would do much for the situation. They were only relevant when scouters didn't blow up, which they would for anyone of relevance at this point, and at this point, it's of no use to put a number on how strong someone is. Especially in a show that's about going beyond limits through constant training.

Also, to be fair, they did introduce some different elements in older games like The Legacy of Goku, among other titles.

KryptoniteTail1137d ago (Edited 1137d ago )

"However, I think for a franchise like Dragon Ball, which has been criticized for being overrated compared to more complex and contemporary anime."

If you don't see a problem with this sentence then you don't know what "poorly written" means.

Power Levels are a fan favorite, and Dragon Ball fans love debates as well, such as the famous "Goku VS Superman," so it would fuel the hardcore fanbase to include readings again since the two go together so well. It isn't like they ever really left Power Levels behind, just the accurate readings.

You know it's easy to write around the scouter issues. Just introduce upgrades or alternative methods. Simple.

Yeah, the older games were vastly superior and more varied, especially the Japanese-only releases such as Hyper Dimension, arguably the best DBZ Fighting game. I'd kill for an online HD remaster of that!

Anyway, that's my two cents, didn't mean to bust your balls, but everyone's a critic, y'know?

spicelicka1136d ago

It's definitely not a poorly written article, I got the point pretty clearly.

Lord_Sloth1137d ago

The only part that bothers me is everybody is crying and complaining that Naruto is getting a spin off because they say it's "had it's run now it's time to stop" yet nobody is saying the same thing about this at all. Even though the spin off is said to only be a mini-series where as Super is a whole "new" series.

KryptoniteTail1137d ago

Dragon Ball has nigh infinite potential for prequels, interquels, sequels, spin-offs, crossovers, and parodies. Naruto is much more linear, I don't see a new series there without being forced. The only Dragon Ball products I am sick of are the 3D Fighting games. For God's sake, at least do a 2D console Fighting game, or RPG. Anything aside from more 3D Fighters, please...

TysonJones1137d ago

I personally stopped following Naruto a long time ago. I wasn't really a fan of where the series was going and looking at where it's at, I can't say I'm all that intrigued by the mini-series or even by any of the main characters of the original series at this point.

Not to say I'd complain about the new series though. I'm more just apathetic towards it, but If you're a fan I think it's cool to see. In the same way that DBZ fans were pumped for Battle of Gods despite the definitive ending we got in the Buu Saga I think Naruto fans are due something new too.

OmegaShen1137d ago

Maybe because Dragonball has a bigger fan base or the fact its been 18 years from the last Dragonball show vs Naruto's new show every year.

Believe It!!!

Tsuru1137d ago

Maybe introduce an enemy that emits an aura that neutralizes their powers. Bringing them down to a level the humans are capable of fighting on. The enemy hasnt developed his own fighting skills, but found a way to bring everyone he is fighting down their his level so he can match them.

TysonJones1136d ago

That's one idea, but how long can that go for? One Saga, before he/she gets declared a plot device and the fans turn? Especially since God Ki is apparently different from regular Ki. Even with that said, let's not forget that Goku and Tien have won World Martial-Arts Tournaments on skill (for the most part.) Even minus their powers, I don't think the enemy could offer a substantial threat. Maybe if he could absorb energy and transfer it to others (like his own army?)

blackblades1136d ago

I miss the days of it being about martial arts and learning new moves and having all the z warriors together in a fight. I want a new adventure with tien, krillan, yamcha go out into space and find new world's and new fighters. It's a lot they can do in the dbz world but they always focused on the sayians and not exploring the universe.

KellyKandy1132d ago

I'm not convinced that they this will be the big revival.