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‘Chaos Dragon’ Gets Extended Anime Promo, Premiere Date

After teasing us with a decent promo a couple of weeks ago, TOHO is back to really aggressively promote the summer anime series Chaos Dragon. The new promo clocks in at two and a half minutes and runs through the main cast, sampling each of the characters with animation sequences and the voice actors, as well as the opening theme song from ISOtone. The show is now set for a July 2nd, 2015 debut in Japan, the series is part of a multimedia project that’s tied to a boardgame and a smartphone game from Sega Networks and is based on the role-playing fiction project Red Dragon,which was created by five notable creators with Gen Urobochi, Kinoko Nasu, Iduki Kougyoku, Ryohgo Narita and Simadoriru.

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