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Dubbed ’009 Re:Cyborg The Movie’ Anime Trailer Arrives

FUNimation is gearing up for the July 28th, 2015 debut of 009 Re:Cyborg theatrical feature on home video as it’s getting a combo DVD and Blu-ray release priced at $34.98. We learned previously that NYAV Post was handling the dub for this, which is likely due to it being set for a wide range of licensors around the world that bought in on it for their respective territories, and now the first dubbed trailer has arrived for the project. The English language adaptation has Michael Sinterniklaas and Anthony Tortorici directing it. The film was animated by Production I.G. and SANZIGEN and was directed by Kenji Kamiyama, who also handled the screenplay for it. Gatou Asou handled the character designs and Kenji Kawai produced the music for it.

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