Top 5 longest running anime of all time

This is my first video and since i like anime too much i posted it here.

This is list of top 5 longest running shounen anime series of all time.

I think most like this list because it includes very popular anime.

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Animeguy12211109d ago

This is my first video i've uploaded on youtube but after getting no response i've uploaded it here.Hope you like it.

Animeguy12211107d ago (Edited 1107d ago )

Sorry but i haven't seen detective conan a.k.a. case closed yet ,its too long.

SPARDA_4261107d ago

Yeah, its longer than any of the shows you mentioned, but its somehow not one of the longest runners?

coolbeans1105d ago

You don't really need to have seen it in order to categorize on this list. The runtime for these shows can literally be looked up.