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Helter Skelter – Conventional Beauty & The Magic Of Plastic Surgery.

“One must suffer to be beautiful” is a common saying which Helter Skelter, a manga written and illustrated by Kyoko Okazaki (and assisted by Moyocco Anno, yes, that Moyocco Anno) takes to a whole new level, yet somehow keeps it down to earth and realisitc in the dirtiest of ways.

Helter Skelter is a 1995 josei manga about Liliko, a supermodel who has had her entire body submitted to plastic surgery (except her eyeballs and private parts, by courtesy of her make-up artist) and her life when the effects take a toll on both her body and sanity – it´s only one meek volume long, and I´m still trying to figure out wheter it´s a critique on the industry, a social commentary, or something in between.

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