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Japanese Fans Rank Anime’s Most Memorable Rivalries

Anime's 20 best match-ups!

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Stringerbell1052d ago

Surprise surprise with the number one =p

pompombrum1050d ago

Terrible list. L vs Kira is by far the most memorable rivalry for me. I can understand Naruto vs Sasuke being number one but how does Toma vs Accelerator get the second spot? In fact how does that even make top 20? Accelerator was a great villain but it's hardly a rivalry. Surprised Kotomine vs Kirei wasn't higher either, the build up and fight there was absolutely epic.

KryptoniteTail1050d ago

I can agree with L VS Kira but no way should Naruto VS Sasuke be there that high, not above Goku VS Vegeta. No. F******. Way.

DrRobotnik1050d ago

This is "Japanese fans" if it was American fans no.1 would have been Goku and Vegeta. Most of the groups on list are not even rivals, they are antagonist. I think they misunderstood the term "rival". Ash and Gary Oak are rivals, Goku and Freiza are enemies. There's a difference.

Dasteru1050d ago

Beat me to it. Was wondering how Goku+Freiza beat out Goku+Vegeta when Goku+Freiza were never technically rivals at all. They were adversaries for 1 saga but never rivals.

KryptoniteTail1050d ago

Stupid, disgusting list. Goku VS Vegeta and Kira VS L deserve to be #1 & #2 respectively. Who cares about ninja kids with dumb powers wearing orange, and emo ninja with screwed up eyes? Sorry I even clicked this crap. Didn't even see Yusuke VS Hiei there, although I understand ranking it maybe last.

Ash VS Gary and Yugi VS Kaiba? Nowhere. There's even multiple entries for some basketball crap. Ugh, feel sick.

cemelc1047d ago

Lol touma and accel made the list O_O?

Im actually happy about it