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New Gundam Series Announced

Sunrise have revealed a new Gundam series at their Anime Expo panel and have even opened up a website and twitter account, an announcement will be made on the teaser site on the 14th of July at 12:00 p.m. JST. The announcement will be made in both English and Japanese and recap footage will have English, French, Korean, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese subtitles.

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paradigmfellow1083d ago (Edited 1083d ago )

For the love of God. Please, don't let it be another like Gundam Reconguista. Gundam Reconguista is probably the worst Gundam ever made.

blackblades1082d ago

Gundam seed and 00 was the only ones I watched. 00 was awesome now I really Gundam after that. Never got to watched any new ova or whatever that popped like unicorn, is that good.

paradigmfellow1081d ago

A lot of the OVAs tend to be good. The one that comes to mind that I did not like was Turn-a-Gundam, which has the same director as Gundam Reconguista. Gundam Unicorn is good, so is trailblazer (it also has an emotional ending).

KryptoniteTail1082d ago

I wish G Gundam got a sequel.