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First Thoughts: Prison School - Drop The Soap, You'll Probably Like It! [SnapThirty]

Frank Inglese writes:

You guys seriously have to check out Prison School! It’s like, wow, I never start articles in such unprofessional ways, especially not with a swear, but this Anime is absolutely freaking crazy, so much so that I honestly cannot write an article about it in any kind of professional manner. It simply would not fit this atrociously hilarious Anime! You know, it’s actually quite funny, I watched the first episode of this Summer Anime with the thought in mind that it was going to be utter trash and that I’d be watching it just so I could talk about it on the next episode of our very own SnapCast, making jokes and ripping it to shreds as Luke and Kane laugh along. Turns out that this hyper-sexual comedy is actually one of my more favoured Anime series’ from the lineup of new Summer titles. Why though?

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