Fansubs: Do They Really Help Or Hurt The Industry?

For many anime fans out there, there is a strong possibility that you get your exposure to the hottest anime currently broadcasting in Japan through fansubs (which of course have yet to be licensed in your respective nation of residence). I am positive every anime fan has experience with fansubs, so don't feel shy or ashamed about it.

However, even before the advent of the Internet, back in the days of VHS, fansubs were still around. With broadband Internet making things faster and more convenient than ever, the practice and debate continues to this very day at an escalating rate.

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sonicwrecks1035d ago

Peronally? I'd say help. Its only through them that many series see the light of day in the West and it allows them to be enjoyed, building fandom loyalty, Which means people are more inclined to tell others about the series, support the series if it gets a real dub and buy merchandise relating to the series.

blackblades1032d ago

Wish some jrpg had fansubs I'm not going to mention there companies eh screw it sega