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Gintama Episode 285 - Animenewsnetwork

Animenewsnetwork - Even though he's put through more hardships than many of the show's central characters, it's difficult to feel bad for Shisengumi Captain Kondo Isao. While on the job, he's a model lawman who leads Edo's most prominent police force with grace and dignity. Conversely, when he appears in any other capacity, his entire shtick revolves around three things: stalking a woman who's said "no" to him more times than he can count, unintentionally insulting said woman, and resembling a gorilla. In many respects, Kondo is the most three-dimensional of the series' stalker characters. Whereas Sa-chan and Tojo largely serve as caricatures of obsessive creepers, Kondo has a life outside of stalking Shimura Otae, albeit one he would give up in a heartbeat if his beloved so willed it.

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