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Yuri!!! on ICE: How Mitsuro Kubo Created Her Characters (Animage, January 2017)

—Could you share with us some of the key points of how you came up with Yuri, Victor and Yurio?

Kubo: Around the time the show was green-lit, the first thing Director Sayo Yamamoto said to me that was that she wanted to tell a story about the bond between a foreign coach and a Japanese skater. But after our first overseas research trip, the very first character I came up with was Yurio. Now that I think about it, the influence of anime from the latter half of the 1980’s pulsates strongly within me. Since that time, I’ve kind of liked brazen/cheeky characters with blond hair and blue eyes. So, since I was getting my hands into an anime original, I felt that I might as well go back to my roots and revive the characters I loved back then… In some ways, Yurio was born from entities that had become like my own flesh and blood, so he was very easy to write.

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