Naruto Fillers to End in 2011

A poster shows the Kage Summit and Confining the Jinchuriki Arcs are coming in 2011.

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NovusTerminus2526d ago

Hey cool, I get to start watching it again!

gam3fr33k2525d ago

Does this mean no Fourth Ninja World War Arc next year then?

Mystogan2525d ago

lol thats probably gonna happen in 2012

firefoxprime2522d ago

I knew it. This show really is demonic. Oh hush, whats wrong with demon stuff, right...?

yeah. right.

GigaGaia2525d ago (Edited 2525d ago )

The anime is too close to the manga. The main story will start back in 2011, but not at the beginning of 2011. March or April at the least, to give the manga some time to go further.

jwalkerz2524d ago

what are you talking about,. the anime isnt even close to the ninja war

sjeen662525d ago

this Fillers is killing me

jwalkerz2524d ago

they're making this filler long because they don't want any fillers during the ninja war arc