Famous American Rapper Pays Homage to Naruto on Latest Album Cover

Soulja Boy shows Naruto is not just for basement nerds.

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tayz2747d ago

i wonder if Solja boy will get sued for copying the image of gamabunta?

Reibooi2747d ago

If he hasn't already gotten sued for all the crap he has ripped off from anime I don't think he will for this.

I mean awhile back he basically copied a song from Death Note and just put words in it which is sad. He has done a few things other then that but I think he is such a waste of space I try to ignore everything related to him. Somehow though he always seems to find his way into the news sites I frequent.

derkasan2746d ago

I always thought he was more of a Dragonball Z fan?

tayz2746d ago (Edited 2746d ago )

most DBZ fans like Naruto too

shammgod2746d ago

Soulja boy fucking sucks!

princeofthabay2746d ago

yea and i wouldn't consider him that famous

bigevilworldwide2746d ago

I thought they said rapper, soulja ain't not rapper