GACKPOID, Based on GACKT's Voice, Released New Compilation Album

Following "EXIT TUNES PRESENTS GUMism from Megpoid", which won the 9th place of the ORICON Daily Charts on March 16th 2011, GACKPOID, a vocaloid, has released a first compilation album "EXIT TUNES PRESENTS Kirameki Hyakka Ryouran Budoukai feat. CAMUI GACKPO" on April 20th.

The album includes hit songs of GACKPOID, such as "Dancing Samurai/mathru (kanimiso P)", "Soushisu Monochrome / Otetsu", as well as new songs written for the new album especially.

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RobinGB2164d ago

I've been considering a new album and if it's good which it looks like it is I might get this.