VG Cosplay: Power Girl Cosplay Gallery

VG Cosplay: "Power Girl, also known as Kara Zor-L or Karen Star is a DC Comics created super heroine. If you’re thinking to yourself that Power Girl is only a comic book character, then you’re sorely mistaken. This is VG Cosplay, so you know she’s appeared in the world of gaming. Most recently she has popped up in DC Universe Online from Sony for the Sony Playstation 3 and Microsoft Windows PC."

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kennykramer1962d ago

Bang Zoom Pow! I'd do all three.

jphelps801961d ago

But would they let you? Better yet, would you live through it? They're "power"-ful.

Azeat1960d ago

"Bang Zoom Pow!" Best way to describe it~

vgn241962d ago

Not sure I ever saw her in a doujinshi or manga, but wish I had.

Nelly_Nel_7131961d ago

Power Girl can be my Power Girl friend any day! Talk about wow! That's what you call Power Sexy!

coolfool1961d ago

wow some of those boobs are a bit ridiculous!

Guitardr851961d ago

Apparently not many attractive women dress up as power girl, lol!

VG_Releaser1961d ago

Wow, really? What's your opinion of attractive? Granted, if you don't like blondes, Power Girl is a fail. But these cosplayers are impressive in my book.

n to the b1961d ago

yuck! I really did not want to see most of those girls.

poor choice of cosplay for these mostly not-hot ladies, it would take a KILLER bod to fill that out and not look like shite in that generic-@ss costume.

Guitardr851960d ago

haha, no i just don't like fat chicks that look like dudes or crack heads!